Filmmaker, photographer and video artist, born in Taiwan in 1983. In Europe since 2007, Yun-tien Chu lives and works in Brussels.


Yun-tien Chu studied drama in Taipei, followed by cinema and photography in France and Belgium. She was a production assistant for Homegreen Films alongside Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng. Since then she has regularly worked in film and TV production in Taiwan and Europe. In 2012 she founded Amphibien Film, which produces short films, documentaries and video works.

Yun-tien Chu’s works highlight migratory experiences, from being uprooted and the solitude and isolation that follow, to the stages that mark the process of settling in a new country. Her own experience is a starting point that enables her to reach out to others with similar stories. 

Her work began with self-portraits – black and white photos or documentary films where she reflected on her family back in Taiwan. Then her focus turned towards others, passers-by on the streets in Paris or Brussels, people she meets. 

In 2017 Change from the window was selected by the Treasure Hill programme which offers an artist’s residency in Taipei. In 2018 Papers and My home is in the other side were shown in the Faraway/Nearby exhibition at Argos in Brussels (and added to the centre’s collection), as well as at the Action Field Kodra Festival in Kalamaria in Greece.


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