the intersection project connects contemporary art, feminisms and societal issues. 

We are a non-profit art gallery dedicated to women artists, who remain underrepresented and undervalued in the art world today. the intersection project aims to address the gender imbalance and support women artists’ careers by providing them with opportunities to exhibit and sell their works in solo, themed and group shows.

Women artists’ stories and perspectives are diverse, and so are the art forms they express themselves through – the gallery showcases a variety of visual arts created by women from all backgrounds. In addition, we wish to encourage emerging artists with the intersection summer project, an annual group show featuring work by art students and graduates.   


the intersection project is also a space for exchanging ideas and reaching out to audiences. Located in the vibrant multicultural neighbourhood of Saint Gilles in Brussels, we host a variety of activities open to all including artist talks, conferences, screenings, guided visits and workshops. 


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