Béatrice Meunier-Déry and Fanny Viollet are artists and storytellers. At first their works draw you in with their skilful aesthetic, rich in colours and intricate details. Yet these hybrid creations are fundamentally narrative and metaphorical.


Strong women are at the heart of Béatrice Meunier-Déry’s imaginary tales. Scientists, mythological or divine figures, they symbolize the artist’s reflections on women’s relationships with the sacred, with nature or the body. 
Fanny Viollet’s work is also marked with a feminist perspective, bringing forgotten characters to the fore. Her documentary approach accentuates remnants, visible in in her found objects and recycled materials, as well as in her use of explanatory texts.

A common feature of both artists is a technical versatility that, in addition to textile pieces, includes ink drawings, sewed collages and installations (Béatrice Meunier-Déry), embroidered postcards, maps and found handkerchiefs (Fanny Viollet). They also share an almost sociological vision of art-making where image and narrative intertwine.

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