For twenty years the artist has pursued an immobile and narrative journey that mixes the sacred, the feminine and nature in investigations guided by readings, viewing of reports, and continuous observations. The condition of women, whether they be Indian, Chinese, South American ... the roles to which they are assigned, the appropriation of their bodies are preoccupations which are expressed through clothing and ornament, photography and drawing.


The creation of votive works is an attempt to alleviate the presumed inability of the artist to act - Shamanism and magic are parallel leitmotifs linked to the forces of nature. A nature known since childhood which nourishes the imaginary and artistic narrative; nature which has become over time the saving breath of a girl of the forest.


“The whole of Béatrice Meunier-Déry’s work is rooted in her story and her convictions. If she does not foster a disenchanted aesthetic view, Béatrice Meunier-Déry assumes nonetheless a project of political and social vindications.  She plays on positive forms that conceal terrors. Her work has an obvious and immediate feminist perspective. She suggests that nightmares are to be experienced with eyes wide open, with beauty and intelligence as one’s shield.” Elsa Bezaury, directrice de la Friche artistique « La Fileuse » Reims



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